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Declaration of accessibility

A number of measures have been introduced in the web site with the aim of improving accessibility. The advantages that this brings are, among others:

  • To facilitate access to people irrespective of their physical condition or their surroundings.
  • To permit access with various user agents.
  • To include clear, well-organised content.
  • To improve navigation and the user’s experience.

Among the measures adopted:

  • A logical order of presentation of the elements on screen and of the contents within the code reference.
  • Use of W3C standards:
  • XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2 Grammar
  • Accessibility Guidelines for the Web Content (WCAG level AA)

Design and development

The design and development of the web portal has been done with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ( WCAG 1.0) directly affect this part of the development in mind:

  • Separation of content and presentation via style sheets.
  • Use of relative units (allowing text resizing and fluid designs).
  • Control of colour contrast.


To facilitate navigation, all the site’s documents have a similar structure in which the same elements are included.

At the head of each page there is a section of tools which includes links to:

  • Accessibility Policy
  • Site map
  • Legal Notice

To facilitate access to the content for those users who use assisted technology (voice navigators, screen readers, etc) links have been set up to skip the navigation sections and access the content of the documents directly.

Keyboard shortcuts

Access is provided to the portal’s principal sections and tools through keyboard shortcuts.

  • 1. Home page
  • 2. “Skip” link to the content
  • 3. Accessibility Policy
  • 4. Map of the web site
  • 5. Legal Notice
  • b. Search product
  • f. Get the first field in the contact form
  • a. Back to previous page in the list of products
  • s. Go to next page in the list of products

The use of the access keys is governed by the navigator:

  • Internet Explorer: ALT + shortcut + ENTER
  • Firefox y Google Chrome: ALT + CAPITALS + shortcut
  • Safari: ALT + shortcut
  • Opera: CAPITALS + ESC + shortcut

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