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Conicals pillars and wedges

Separate pillar P-0 wedge

Product Specifications: Separate pillar P-0 wedge
Ref. 2301
Weight (Kg) 4,38
Cdigo interno P-0 S/P

Pilar P-0 clamp

Product Specifications: Pilar P-0 clamp
Ref. 2302
Weight (Kg) 1.00
Cdigo interno AP-0

Separate pillar P-1 wedge

Product Specifications: Separate pillar P-1 wedge
Ref. 2303
Weight (Kg) 2,60
Cdigo interno P-1 S/P

Pillar P-1 clamp

Product Specifications: Pillar P-1 clamp
Ref. 2304
Weight (Kg) 0,84
Cdigo interno AP-1

Separate pillar P-2 wedge

Product Specifications: Separate pillar P-2 wedge
Ref. 2305
Weight (Kg) 1,54
Cdigo interno P-2 S/P

Pillar P-2 clamp

Product Specifications: Pillar P-2 clamp
Ref. 2306
Weight (Kg) 0,58
Cdigo interno AP-2

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